New Lodge Riding Stables

READY first helped New Lodge by funding the transport of 2 horses to the RDA regional championships at the Diamond Riding Centre in Carshalton, Surrey. This gave 4 youngsters the opportunity to take part in the exciting events on the day.

READY has also supported the work of New Lodge by funding a return to the regionals, and when some of their riders qualified, to the RDA National Championships at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire.

The RDA Championships provides a fantastic weekend of competition across a range of disciplines and other areas including horse care and knowledge, arts and crafts, best turned out and musical ride and drive.  The event demonstrates both grass roots and world class para-riding and there are events for all abilities.

Dressage and show-jumping classes are graded – as in the paralympics – so that all riders involved compete on a level playing field alongside people with a similar disability.

“During my years as a rider I discovered so many new friends and experienced some incredible opportunities that I would never have had the chance to discover without the help of Riding for the Disabled. One of these was the RDA National Championships. It was one of the most incredible experiences meeting so many fantastic people.” READY Grant Recipient: Rory Williams.

About New Lodge Riding Centre

Founded in 1978 New Lodge Riding Centre, affiliated to National Riding for the Disabled, has 13 RDA ponies/horses and provides riding facilities to both adults and children from across South London and further afield.

New Lodge Centre works across the spectrum of disabilities, age, and social status and aims to develop and support opportunities for therapy, achievement, physical activity and enjoyment.

Open 6 days a week New Lodge has 75-100 regular riders and tries to cater for all impairments and needs.

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