We welcome applications for grants from disabled individuals up to 21 years of age.  You can apply online or by post here by clicking on the blue Apply for a Grant button on the right.  We also welcome applications from clubs and associations who provide sporting activities or access to sport for young disabled people.

Here’s a list of items eligible for grant applications:

  • purchase of sporting or other equipment
  • grant towards the costs of membership fees
  • grant towards travel costs and accommodation for the individual grant applicant only (not parent/guardian etc.)
  • purchase of clothing associated with the sport or recreational activity
  • other expenditure related to supporting the individual grant applicant.
  • construction or replacement of applicable disabled facilities
  • contribution towards the running of an applicable events or events
  • other expenditure related to supporting applicable organisation.

We will ask you for details of what the grant is for including cost. Copies of quotes from suppliers and supporting letters from sports coaches or clubs are always helpful. We are interested in what benefits you hope a grant will bring and what you aim to achieve with the grant.

We would like to hear what you have done to raise or attempt to raise some money yourself. And – if you are awarded a grant – we would love to hear news about how you are getting on. Pictures are great too. And we always appreciate you giving us permission us tell our supporters about you.