Thames Ditton Christmas Fair

On the 4th December 2016 Ready braved the chilly night and helped Thames Ditton get into the Christmas spirit by setting up a stall at the turning on of the village lights at the annual Christmas fair 구글 플레이 뮤직 다운로드. The stalls homemade christmas decorations and jewellery sold by Surbiton High School girls: Georgie Newbold and Tilly Newbold, proved to be very popular, but the guest of honour was most fascinating part of the night 다크소울 리마스터. Ready’s own Toby Gold turned the Christmas lights on, to tremendous applause and festive Christmas carols. After which he dazzled the crowd with answering all the children s questions and lots of photo opportunities lol pbe. Great effort by the girls selling on the stall all night in the cold, making over £350 for the charity.