Sophie k 200m paralympics 2012

It’s upon us. Perhaps the most infamous running race in all of the world, The London Marathon. Tens of thousands of runners, lined up, trainers tied and creams applied with months and months of training behind them and only 26 miles of weaving tarmac to go. You are one of those runners. One of those dedicated and courageous enough to take on the challenge. But don’t just take it on alone. Take it on with us, because we are READY, are you?



We help enable young people with disabilities play sport and get involved in healthy activities for fun and fitness. We have helped raise funds for racing wheelchairs, running blades, blind cricket teams and wheelchair basket ball. We are run by a team of comitted volunteers who want to do more.



Coventy Aug 2013

This is a racing wheelchair. Each one we fund has to be custom built to fit the individual who will be racing it. Just like trainers, our young atheltes outgrow their gear, unlike trainers, it will cost £4000 or more.

But it’s not just wheelchairs. We also fund running blades for amputees. Because every amputee is different, each one is sculpted specifically to fit the runner for optimum performance and comfort. They need replacing every few years and can cost upward of £5000.


‘READY literally changed everything about my life, if it weren’t for their generous donation I would not be participating in any physical activities, let alone have made it to the finals of the London 2012 Paralympics.’

Sophie Kamlish


So why run for us? Well the money you raise with each step of your marathon, will directly fund equipment just like running blades and racing wheel chairs that helps people like 15 year old Wheelchair racer Anna Stapleton who competes using a READY funded wheelchair.

Find out more about who we’ve helped here.

So. Are you READY?